You can find on this page the Taipei neighborhood map to print and to download in PDF. The Taipei districts map presents quarters, region, suburbs and surrounding area of Taipei in Taiwan.

Taipei districts map

Map of Taipei districts

The Taipei districts map shows all quarters and suburbs of Taipei. This district map of Taipei will allow you to discover areas and the region of Taipei in Taiwan. The Taipei districts map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Taipei City is divided up into 12 administrative districts (區 qu) as you can see in Taipei districts map. Each district is further divided up into villages (里), which are further sub-divided up into neighborhoods (鄰). Beitou District ( traditional Chinese :北投 區; Tongyong Pinyin: Běitóu Cyu; Hanyu Pinyin: Běitóu Qū ; Wade-Giles : Pei-t'ou Ch'ü; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : Pak-mâu-khu) is the northernmost of the twelve districts of Taipei City , Taiwan. Da'an District is an important educational, commercial, residential, and cultural district of Taipei City, Republic of China (Taiwan). The name of the district means "great safety" or "great peace". Datong District ( Chinese :大同 區; pinyin : Dàtóng Qū ; Wade – Giles : Ta-t'ung Chü; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : Tāi-tông-khu; literally "Great Harmony District") is a district of Taipei City , Taiwan . It is located between the Taipei Metro Red Line and eastern shore of the Tamsui River , and between Civic Boulevard and the Sun Yat-sen Freeway.

Nangang District ( Chinese :南港 區; pinyin : Nángǎng Qū ) is a southeastern district of Taipei as its shown in Taipei districts map. It is the seat of the Academia Sinica , Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall , and Nankang Software Park (NKSP). Neihu District ( Chinese :內 湖區; Tongyong Pinyin : Nèihú Cyu; Hanyu Pinyin : Nèihú Qū ; Wade – Giles : Nei-hu Ch'u; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : Lāi-ô͘-khu) is one of Taipei City twelve districts. Neihu means "inner lake". Shilin District ( Chinese :士林 區; pinyin : Shìlín Qū ) is a district of Taipei . The name "Shilin" was derived from Pattsiran , the Ketagalan word for " hot springs ". It was then transliterated into Chinese as "八 芝蘭" Bāzhīlán, and finally re-analyzed as "scholars as many as the trees in the woods" (士 多 如 林). The Xinyi District (meaning "honesty") is the seat of the Taipei mayor office and the Taipei City Government. Key buildings including Taipei 101, Taipei City Council, Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei World Trade Center, and various shopping malls and entertainment venues make Xinyi the most modern cosmopolitan district of Taipei.

Songshan District ( Chinese :松山區; pinyin : Sōngshān Qū ; Wade – Giles : Sung-shan Chü; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : Siông-san-khu) is a district of Taipei ( Republic of China, in Taiwan ) as its mentioned in Taipei districts map. The name of the district is historically spelled Sungshan . The Songshan Domestic Airport and the Taipei Arena are located here. Wanhua District (Chinese: 萬華區; pinyin: Wànhúa Qū; Wade–Giles: Wan-hua Chü; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Báng-kah-khu), known in Taiwanese as Bangka a.k.a. Monga, is Taipei City oldest district. The district is home to historic buildings such as Longshan Temple, Taipei oldest temple, and the Red House Theater, the first and largest teahouse and playhouse in Taiwan. Wenshan District ( Chinese :文 山區; pinyin : Wénshān Qū ; Wade – Giles : Wen-shan Chü; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : Bûn-san-khu) is the southernmost of the twelve districts of Taipei City . The district was formed in 1990 by combining Jingmei and Muzha . Wenshan previously referred to the region south of Taipei Basin (including Xindian and Pinglin ). Zhongzheng District (Chinese: 中正區; pinyin: Zhōngzhèng Qū; Wade–Giles: Chung-cheng Chü; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tiong-chèng-khu) is the home of most of the national government buildings of the Republic of China.