You can find on this page the Taipei airports map to print and to download in PDF. The Taipei airport map presents terminals and gates of the international airport of Taipei in Taiwan.

Taipei airports map

Map of Taipei airports

The Taipei airports map shows all the airports around Taipei. This airports map of Taipei will allow you to determine which airport you will used to leave Taipei in Taiwan. The Taipei airports map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Most scheduled international flights are served by Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in nearby Taoyuan County. Songshan Airport at the heart of the city in the Songshan District serves mostly domestic flights, with the exception of some cross-strait and a scheduled flight to Tokyo International Airport (also known as Haneda Airport). Now Songshan Airport is accessible by the Taipei Metro Neihu Line; Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is not yet accessible by rail but a line is under construction. Both airports are linked to the city by highways as its shown in Taipei airports map.

The city centre airport – Taipei Songshan Airport – is the older of the 2, but found itself swamped by a rapidly growing tourism industry and with no more room to expand. International flights were therefore routed to an out-of-town airport – Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - with high-speed transport links connecting it to the city centre as its mentioned in Taipei airports map. As befits a destination as cultured and sophisticated as Taipei, the airports serving it feature a great range of facilities to ease your arrival and departure, as well as sleek, modern designs, clear sign-posting and helpful staff. Both also have a selection of comfortable airport hotels to choose from.

Taipei Songshan Airport (IATA: TSA, ICAO: RCSS) (Chinese: 臺北松山機場; pinyin: Táiběi Sōngshān Jīchǎng) is a midsize commercial airport and military airbase located in Songshan, Taipei, Taiwan. The airport covers an area of 182 hectares (1.82 km2) as you can see in Taipei airports map. The civilian portion of Songshan Airport, officially Taipei International Airport (Chinese: 臺北國際航空站; pinyin: Táiběi Gúojì Hángkōngzhàn), has scheduled flights serving Taiwan, mainland China, South Korea and Japan, with almost all international flights out of the Taipei area served by Taoyuan International Airport. Songshan Airport is also the base of certain Republic of China Air Force units as part of the Songshan Air Force Base (Chinese: 空軍松山基地). The Songshan Base Command main mission is to serve the President and Vice President of the Republic of China.

Taipei international airport map

Map of Taipei airport gates

The map of Taipei airport presents the main international airport of Taipei. This international airport map of Taipei will allow you to determine by which terminal and gate you will arrive or leave Taipei in Taiwan. The airport Taipei map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (IATA: TPE, ICAO: RCTP) (traditional Chinese: 臺灣桃園國際機場; simplified Chinese: 台湾桃园国际机场; pinyin: Táiwān Táoyuán Gúojì Jīchǎng), the largest airport in Taiwan, is an international airport located in Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan as its shown in Taipei international airport map. It is one of four Taiwanese airports with regular international flights, and is by far the busiest international air entry point amongst them. It is the main international hub for China Airlines and EVA Air. The airport opened for commercial operations in 1979 and is an important regional trans-shipment center, passenger hub, and gateway for destinations in mainland China and the rest of Asia. The airport was formerly known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport (CKS International Airport) until the name was changed in 2006 to its current name.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport currently has two terminals which are connected by two, short people movers as its mentioned in Taipei international airport map. A third terminal is planned, and a rapid transit system currently under construction will link the terminals together underground. Terminal 1 is the original passenger terminal of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The design of the building is based on the main terminal of Washington Dulles International Airport. Terminal 2 opened in 2000 to reduce congestion in the aging Terminal 1. Only the South Concourse had been completed by the time the terminal opened. Terminals 1 and 2 are connected by two short people mover lines, with one from Concourse A to D, and the other from B to C. Terminal 2 is also currently undergoing a small-scale renovation and is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is operated by the Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, a company wholly owned by the Government of Taiwan. The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) is responsible for the provision of air traffic control services, certification of Taiwan registered aircraft, and the regulation of general civil aviation activities. The airport has two parallel runways, with one 3660 meters in length and another 3350 meters in length and both 60 meters wide as you can see in Taipei international airport map, enabling them to cater to the next generation of aircraft. The south runway has been given a Category I Precision Approach, while the north runway has the higher Category II Precision Approach, which allows pilots to land in only 350 metre visibility. The two runways have an ultimate capacity of over 60 aircraft movements an hour.